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Dr. Raja Lingam

Dr. Raja Lingam a skilled Varma master and Acupuncturist and his services are concerned by reading pulse, an excellent medical art. He is a specialist with complete cure oriented in varma and siddha, an expert in multiple treatment methods.

Dr. Raja Lingam shared his knowledge with people and trained around 5000 people to spread this beautiful art of treatment throughout the Tamil Nadu.

Dr .Raja Lingam is the founder and Chairman of Yoga Maya. He has an experience of 19 years in herbal Varma and siddha and helped lot of people to get cures from heavy pain and serious diseases.

There are panel of good doctors under the Yoga Maya who are excellent in pain management and curing all types of illness and helps the person to lead a good healthy life.

From Dr. RajaLingam

In the modern world specially in India people are adapted to unhealthy Lifestyle leading to mind related troubles like stress. We treat our patients first by reliving stress, depression so that they can be perfectly cured.

Another major problem is frequent in using self medication and which has become a routine for many people, resulting in medical addiction and side effects. But our ancestors lived a healthy life because of herbs and natural food. We are not new to treatments like herbal Varma and acupuncture, so this an opportunity to our generation to get benefited from our traditional medicine's.

Varma kalai (Tamil:varmakalai ) is an Indian term meaning "art of vital points". It is a component of traditional massage, alternative medicine, traditional yoga and martial arts in which the body's pressure points are manipulated to heal or cause harm. The technique is used in siddha medicine (siddha vaidyam) we use following varma techniques bone and cartilage related varma treatment ,neurology related varma treatment, muscle and tendon related varma treatment, ligament related varma treatment, physical posture, organ, mind related problems can be treated and cured.

We provide special care for our patients with combination of multiple treatments so that the patient can have a better result with the combo of best doctors we provide best cure for all kinds of treatments.

The treatment is based on various steps at first the patient is analysed and then he/she treated treatment is started by finding the main cause for the disease so that the patients other problems related to patients disease are also cured.